Sunday, June 27, 2010

Senior Sessions Have Begun:

I haven't really begun to even dip my toe into the pond of "senior sessions" yet but my niece was happy to be my first a few weeks ago. She is a proud member of the Class of 2011 (and an avid photographer as well) and just gorgeous so I was happy she came to visit!

I'm always happy to get a chance to photograph a subject who will look at you... smile... and not run off. I think I could get used to photographing seniors!! Book your sessions now!

Wait? What's this??? typical Catrina getting in on the act

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Hidden Session

Earlier this month I was invited by my friend to come to her house to photograph her adorable newborn along with big brother and cousin. I loved the way these shots came out but I was sworn to secrecy since they were to be a Father's Day present. I have now gotten the official green light to introduce the world to Baby M. She is a doll. Her cousin (who I did a separate shoot with) has model-gorgeous looks and Big Brother G is too handsome for words!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Keeping Busy!

I have found myself in an enviable position. I am working as hard as I can and having a great time doing it! As I've mentioned, my blogs are suffering as a result so I hope that anyone who checks here regularly is also checking out Jeune Girl Crafts on Facebook for up to the minute updates.

Here is a smattering of some of the great families I've gotten to work with in the past few weeks.

Up first.... You might recognize 2 of the kids in these shots as I had a practice run at the younger ones a while ago. Their mom is so easy going and fun I just couldn't wait to get back together to meet her older boys. Definitely reminds me of my early years.... 3 boys and 1 girl... just like I had!

I recently met with this family who had 3 adorable kids. I think the oldest one would be perfect for my Catrina but, as I've learned, she has to get in line!

On to another repeat client family. This family was one I photographed at Mohonk Mtn House which gave me some of my favorite images to date. I learned last week that it wasn't the setting that made those photos stunning (though it didn't hurt!) but the wonderful family in the photos!

This year, I had my very first "working holiday". Over Memorial Day I was able to photograph a family of 2 high school friends of Andy's. We had a blast this day.... 1 child, 2 dogs, and 5 laughing grown ups.

Then it was off to get acquainted with the sisters. It's funny, this family lives on a street of friends... they all moved in together at the same time and started having children at the same time. This month, I will photograph all 3 families.... it's kind of funny!!

Then there is my fitness-buff friend, Jessica. She has recently begun taking on clients for personal training (check out Jess Casamento-Hudson Valley Personal Trainer on Facebook) and wanted a set of photos showing her doing her thing. She was adorable. I wish her the best in starting her new business (I will be eating these words after my first "bootcamp" with her on Tuesday!)

This week found me having another shoot with everyone's favorite redhead and her adorable brother. I adore these two. I had to bring my 'assistant' to the shoot but Catrina and Miss G hit it off and played like good friends after just a few minutes.

Now for the fashionistas!!! The creator of Janum designs asked me to do a photo shoots featuring her wonderful designs. We both used our daughters and I managed to snag another gal (who probably looks familiar) since her mom had just gotten her own Janum designs. These three girls had so much fun! They pretended to be princesses. In these designs, it was not much of a stretch!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Such a Terrible Blogger Am I!!!!

I have neglected my poor blog.... if it was a pet, it would have died a long time ago. Here are just a few shots of my recent shoots. I've had an unbelievably busy month! I am so blessed and thankful that I have had the opportunity to capture so many precious moments!