Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Sweet Valentines!

This whole photography thing for me started with my girls. Don't get me wrong, I've always taken photos (8 rolls of film on my honeymoon will attest to that... yes I've been married so long that my photos from the honeymoon and my wedding are on FILM) but I started really getting interested in taking better photos when my girls came along.

Actually, it was because of my girls that I started taking on clients. I got some compliments on my photos of my girls and had people ask if I would do their photos too and it's just grown from there. I'm lucky to have these two little cuties to practice on. They are both pretty cooperative with me when I need to get a few key shots. I couldn't resist photographing them in for Valentine's Day. Now to make a card to send out! (in my spare time!)

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