Monday, August 16, 2010

Booking Blitz!

Again, I apologize for being a bad blogger... I admit that I don't update as much as I should. For the last 2 weeks my daughters have been off to farm camp so I took the opportunity to plan a "booking blitz" for those days. I did this in an attempt to see what my professional life may look like after my girls both start school full time in September. It was a WHIRLWIND. I had booked out 13 straight days of shoots (one of which had 2 shoots!). I did end up rescheduling one shoot so I was out with my camera 12 out of 13 days. It was great to see how I will be juggling my time come this fall when I plan on being really busy. Once those leaves start changing people will want to be out getting their photos taken and I'm so excited.

I out on Sunday, August 1 with a great shoot with an adorable newborn. You may remember his gorgeous mom from an earlier maternity shoot. Little J was bright eyed and busy tailed when I met him so I actually stopped by to see him a week later to get some sleepy shots.... the baby dictates the shoot! (plus it gave me an excuse to go to Target which was near his house!)

Then it was Monday... my own Independence Day! I dropped the girls off at camp and ran off to do my first weekday shoot where I wasn't scrambling for childcare. This shoot featured some adorable cousins who really loved the camera (and the feeling was mutual!)

Be sure to check back for more updates from my booking blitz! Thanks to all the beautiful families who took advantage of this unique offer.

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