Sunday, August 22, 2010

Booking Blitz Week One Continues!

The rest of week one of the booking bonanza was great. I was able to meet some new families as well as have some sessions with familiar faces. The weather was fantastic (though a bit on the hot side... well ... it is August after all)

I met this family at a local historic home near my house. Big sister was such a ham while her little sister was more on the shy side... but equally as cute.

I had to drive down to Beacon to meet my next cutie but it was worth the trip as I was able to see her gorgeous nursery and spend some time getting to know her in her own surroundings. Being a one year old... getting her to pose for pictures was tricky so I also got a good workout!

I think everyone should decorate with owls... loved this guy!

How do you get a one year old to sit still? Put her on a cute rocking horse!

The V Trio! This was my second shoot with this great family. Their mom is the unofficial president of my fan club so I am always happy to see these beauties. I will be seeing them again in October.... so maybe we'll book again in the winter and they will be my "girls for all seasons"

Keep checking back for more updates and I will be posting pics from the Booking Blitz... Week 2!

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