Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Babies!

I am just adoring the little ones I've had a chance to meet in the last few weeks. First up is little A... and she is friends with another cutie I photographed back in March. We had a beautiful day to take pictures. At 6 months old, she was so sweet and cooperative. She even put up with mommy and me dressing her (and undressing and getting dressed again) with nothing but smiles. Her beautiful mommy got into the act too.

Last week, I met a little one who is the youngest of NINE... and if the other 8 are half as gorgeous, I think this family should have 9 more.... too much cuteness. Little M is almost a year old and mom thought it was important that this little one not suffer the same fate as many of us "youngest children" where they reach adulthood and realize that A. there are only a few photographs and B. all of those photographs also feature older siblings (not that I'm speaking from experience as the youngest of 4!)

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