Monday, March 1, 2010

Casting Call Results.... with a TWIST!

Congratulations to # 41 on winning the casting call. That cutie will be getting a free photo shoot with a complimentary 8x10 photo as well as $25 in free merchandise from Lyla's Lovelies.

Coming in a close 2nd was #26 who will have the option of booking a half price photo shoot with a free hair bow from Lyla's Lovelies.

But here is the TWIST!!!!!! I just adored all of the entries and wanted to give another photo shoot at random to one of the entrants so I took myself over to (one of my favorite sites) and had them generate a random number between 1-42 (and hoped not to see 41 or 26) and came up with.....


So she too will receive a FREE photo shoot. Congratulations.

All entries will receive a discount toward a photo shoot this year as well as a purchase from Lyla's Lovelies