Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are You a VIP?

I started taking photos of my girls in coordination with my scrapbooking. As I grew in knowledge, I expanded to taking photos of other children and their families. What I am now realizing is that not everyone has the time or energy to put into great family photos but would love the opportunity to have more than one session a year. I have come up with 2 VIP packages for new and returning clients. These deals offer lower costs per session which will allow families to book throughout the year.

Both packages are flexible and will allow my clients to book at any point throughout the year. The year starts the day of the first shoot (so it's not a Jan-Dec timeline).

VIP members not only will get discounted photo shoots and free 8x10's but will also be privy to VIP Exclusive deals. Email me at meg@jeunegirl.com for more information on how to enroll.
The "Brynne" package would be perfect for a new mom.

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