Saturday, March 13, 2010

Torrential Downpours!!

Well, this was supposed to be my big first weekend of shoots to really kick off the spring season but Mother Nature has intervened (raise your hand if you're surprised seeing as it rained on my wedding day, college graduation, 2 Brad Paisley OUTDOOR concerts... the list goes on) so my shoot for tomorrow is probably postponed unless we have a Christmas miracle in mid-March.

But today's shoot went on as planned... the weather had no effect on the photos at the flower show in Kingston! You might recognize this little guy (scroll down to the bottom of the blog) as he is my neighbor's son (and playmate of my Catrina). Marina has been one of the earliest supporters of Jeune Girl Photography and has always encouraged me to pursue photography.

Mommy overcame her shyness here and joined in the fun.

Happy Early Easter!

Oh, and if there is a camera around, my kids are bound to be there too:

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